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Once Over Coffee Bar [Mar. 25th, 2009|01:02 pm]
Austin Coffee Houses


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I know that Austin will likely never come close to the coffee shops of Seattle, or so I've been told.  I've never been to Seattle, yet we're in love with our coffee shops.  Just here on South 1st, I'm amazed & happy that yet another coffee shop has opened.  I thought wow, this is crazy when Cafe Caffeine opened on Mary Street because we already had Bouldin & the Green Muse.  Yet, Cafe Caffeine is still here & going strong, Fair Bean Coffee came not long after & now Once Over has opened.  It's basically across the street from Fair Bean.  Well, I'm in LOVE!  I finally came by Once Over this morning.  Nice owners: husband & wife and it just adds to the whole local love of business.  I have not tried anything else but the basic coffee.  Yet, I do give them thumbs up on the coffee.  The environment is nice, clean and quiet.  It's not too sterile though, so you'll love some of the furniture.  Not sure if they have free wi-fi, but I would assume so, but don't quote me on this by any means. ;)

Once Over Coffee is @ 2009 S 1st (this must be their year.)

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[User Picture]From: marframil
2009-03-25 07:58 pm (UTC)

Re: !

Glad to know that, wasn't trying to be mean. I just didn't know if there was wireless or not, and most Austin places do have it, but I don't want to same something for sure, and be completely incorrect.
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