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new Coffeehouse on E. MLK [Apr. 22nd, 2009|12:10 pm]
Austin Coffee Houses


Aloha All,
I was driving home from the My Bloody Valentine show last night, and I noticed a new coffeeshop on MLK between Chicon and Chestnut. The name escapes me, but I wondered if anyone knows anything about it.

[User Picture]From: colour_of_ash2k
2009-04-24 07:10 am (UTC)


Austin actually has TWO 24/7 coffeehouses now? Goodness! I can no longer recall the last time that was.

I suppose that's what I miss, though. More options usually meant less overcrowding at any one establishment. As much as we liked Epoch, it's become FAR TOO noisy most nights that we'd tried to go nevermind that there's rarely a place to sit anymore. I still miss the laidback atmosphere of Mojo's or at least the openness of when Metro was also 24/7.
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